Peter Blake is the driver for the Racetech Steel Top Doorslammer Team.

Mid 2011 Peter Blake retired his Statesman Doorslammer to focus on 2012 where Peter Blake and his Racetech Steel Top Doorslammer Drag racing team will debut a new car a “1970 Boss 429 Mustang“. The car is destined to race within 2 categories this year:

  • ANDRA Pro Series. An exciting year ahead with new structure and drive, we will hope to see ANDRA championship racing at Melbourne, Adelaide, and Darwin, and potentially many others opeaning the sport to the audience it deserves.
  •  Pro Modified Australia’s Slamfest. with many tracks making the necessary updates to accommodate 3000hp Doorslammers, and a bunch of new teams joining up, competition will be fierce,  this year is set to be awesome!!!!
  • APSA’s Outlaw 10.5. there is a growing cult following in the pro street scene, eventually we will have to put on a set of skinny’s just for a bit of extra fun at the local rounds. If we can find the time time!


Here we will endeavour to bring you updates on the car, a step by step build, Technical articles, and a pre and post race/testing reports. You can also follow us on Peter Blake’s team Face-book page to get up to the minute updates.


Enjoy your browse, we welcome any feedback!!!

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  1. Ed Urcis, from Calif, USA

    Hello Peter and Katie. The car looks awsome, can’t wait to see it painted and all lettered up. Is it the same engine and transmission from the old car ? How much less does it weigh than the old car ?
    I hope it does everything you want it to do. Ed

    • Hey Ed,
      the car is about 60-80lb under minmimum weight,
      yes we still have the same combos as before, however this time we should be a little smarter, and hpoefully be looking at some 6.0s if we are lucky. we have some excitinfg news coming up but i dont wand to give it away just yet!!! stay tuned

  2. great site Pete, looking forward to the exciting news mate.


  3. We’re interested in the sainty engine you seem to have for sale on here.

    Please can you send us a contact phone number so that we can phone you.

    Thanks – Kerry.

  4. Hey Guys, car looks awesome. Love the new paint job and decals, I love the first decal that is on facebook, Hope to see other styles. Cant wait to see it hit the track

  5. “Peter Blake – Australian Top Doorslammer | Offical website of Australian Top Doorslammer Drag Car Driver” http://lulugrille.com ended up being a really good post, .

    Keep writing and I’ll keep viewing! Thanks a lot ,Rocco

  6. Pete your 1970 Mustang inspired me to have a Small Block Version (BOSS 502) built by Tim McAmis,That’s if the BOSS 502 will work like I’m hoping for in both Pro Mod & Top Doorslammer

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