Cold as ice

After a Burnout and before we prepare to go into stage, Brendo our Crew Cheif squirts something in the injector.

The reason behind this is that. when the Supercharger sucks air into the injector the fast moving air becomes very cold and depending on the amount of moisture in the air, will/ can freeze the butterflies shut with that moisture. also it can mess with the Idle as the ice builds up around the air gap opening on the butterflies. for the car to idle at the set rpm, (about 1500-2000rpm)there needs to be some amount of air able to pass through the injector to mix with the fuel to keep the engine running. some teams prefer to run their butterflies shut and regulate the air with bleed holes. it is all about personal preference. we prefer to spray Alcohol onto the injector hat to break up the freezing moisture.

Another issue is when the blower generates alot of ice, often on launch i will see out of the corner of my eye the ice hit the wind screen. because when you are accelerating at 3.5 gs, you don’t really have time to take a second look to make sure it inst a fuel leak. usually if it stops its not a fuel leak, but you could easily do without the distraction.

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