The Car’s

Pete’s current ride

1 of a kind. Peter designed and built the 1 of a kind body, designed and built the 1 of a kind chassis, assembles his 1 of a kind engines and also manufactured his those engines while completing an engineering trade at Sainty Engineering.

not too many people in this world can lay claim to these impressive achievements.

  • Quickest 1/8 mile Elapsed Time: 4.04
  • Highest 1/8 mile Speed: 187mph /301kph
  • Body Type: 1970 Boss Mustang
  • Chassis: Custom made in house design, by (Fast Torque Performance Engineering)
  • Engine: Sainty Billet Three Valve (Australian Made)
  • Capacity: 518ci
  • Supercharger Type: PSI
  • Ignition: MSD 44 amp Magneto
  • Diff: Mark Williams  4.29 ratio
  • Gearbox: 4 speed Lenco
  • Clutch: AFT 3 plate with lock up device
  • Tyres: 34.5″ x 16″ Hoosier Drag racing slicks

All the vehicals raced by Pete & Rob

  • Bobs Beast FJ Holden
  • Aussie Bananas VQ Statesman Top Doorslammer
  • VR Statesman Original Top Doorslammer
  • VR Statesman Final Top Doorslammer
  • 70 Boss Mustang Top Doorslammer
  • Suzuki GSXR 1000 sports bike
  • White Maxim Sprint Car
  • Black  Maxim Sprint Car
  • Clubman Sprint Kart

About TopDoorslammers

  • Top Doorslammer is Group One drag racing and is the quickest and fastest sedan racing in the world, with speeds in excess 250mph (approx 400kmh) across a standing quarter mile drag strip in under 6.00 secs. Two cars line up and race to the finish line, pulling 3g’s off the start and up to negative 5g’s when the twin parachutes are deployed. The hardest thing in Top Doorslammer is to drive the car straight down the strip. Super fast and wild rides provide arguably the most exciting and competitive racing in all drag racing and possibly all of motorsport.


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