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Racetech Steel

Driver – Peter Blake

Peter is the one that makes it all happen. Not only is he the driver of the race car, he does all the prep work (with some help) to get the car race ready. Before driving Peter was crewing on his dad Rob’s car for 15 years. He is an Engineer by trade and spends all his time working on his race car. Pete is a family man and he gets his family (wife and 2 little girls) to help him in the workshop anytime he can.

Owner Tuner – Robert Broadbent (Peter’s father)

Probably no one is more nervous than him. It’s his pride and joy on the line every time we go out. He makes the calls on the tune as well as setup, (usually not without an argument with Peter) he gets the car to and from the track in the Racetech Steel transporter. Rob is a real people’s person) don’t ask him anything or he will chew your ear off. He is also a deep thinker as well as a pioneer. His theory is “if we ever beat these guys, they all have 10 years of catchin up to do.”

Crew Chief – Brendon Taylor (Koala)

Brendo the Koala 22 is a mechanic by trade and is a mad Hooters and Holden man, gets a little vocal on the drinks and loves winnin, why? “Cause you get to shake peoples hand on the startline” Brendo comes up to the workshop before and after events to do prep and maintenance. Brendo also helped in the build of the new car, he has done his time with the team , we have a lot of respect for him and is a dedicated reliable player.

Team organiser – Katie Blake (Peter’s wife)

Katie 31 checks off all her lists and makes sure everything is done at every stage of a race event, from entering the car in events, organising travel and accommodation etc, making sure all paperwork is in order to getting Peters gear ready for the start line, buckling  him in, she brings us food and gets dirty when she needs to!!! Katie is also there in the long nights leading up to an event.

Computer & Media – Rowan Walker (TEX)

Row 32 just loves being involved. He knows more about computers than NASA, he usually drives the tow car for us and organises the tunes / music to set the vibe, Row loves the Venga Boys but don’t hold it against him!!! Row has started building his own Tuff Truck 4X4 rock crawler, follow the build on his FB at

Odd jobs

…..A bunch of ring ins, whoever is available at the time

They do jobs like jack the car up, clean parts, bolt & unbolt covers, drain puke, change oil and are there to just be an extra hand.

We have had many helpers over the years, all with their own strengths; unfortunately life usually gets in the way and their services are required elsewhere.


Racetech Steel

Stockists of Roll Cage Tubing CDW, DOM, CDS and 4130 Chromoly Tube, Sheet, Plate and Solids. As well as Fabrication Tools and Equipment, all the bits you need to build your next race car.


Fast Torque Performance Engineering

CNC/Manual Machining and turning, Fuel flow bench, Cam pro plus etc

Aussie Bananas

Best damn bananas in AUS

RMW Web Publishing

Peter Blake’s marketing guy – web design, web development, web hosting and sports marketing.


Race Central

A factory complex tailored to suit motorsport industries, set adjacent to M4, M7, Eastern Creek Raceway, Eastern creek Karts, Sydney Dragway. There is no better location!!!


and You, (if you want to)

History of the team

Rob started racing a FJ Holden way back in the 50s & 60s. The current team started back in the wild bunch days with a McGee quad cam 426 with a Whipple supercharger and a four speed Gbox In a VP Statesman with Rob Broadbent behind the wheel, greatest achievement was setting the BB/AP record @ 7.21 with 3000lb weight!!!

In 95 we built a new car again another Statesman. It was mostly unsuccessful due to the fact that we had a unique combination, that had never been developed and an almost stock body, we had to do a lot of learning. In about 98-99 we purchased a Sainty 3 valve engine. Again we were largely unsuccessful (though we did enjoy a lot of racing down in Canberra). The team all time low came at Willowbank Winternationals in about 2003 , when Rob stacked into the barrier at about 180mph, this was kind of a blessing in disguise because we blamed our poor form on aero instability and this gave us an opportunity to rectify some of our problems. We rebuilt the Statesman into its current config, still a Sainty engine and still a 4 speed. We had learned a lot and it showed  ,Rob took it out for one last shakedown test session before handing it over to his son Peter. Peter took a while to get a handle on all the power, and Rob had a different perspective to work with. Together they were able to nut out some severe handling issues, the car quickly running some sub 1 sec 60fters. Since then we have achieved some remarkable things. With a best of only 6.20sec ¼ mile (not reflective of it’s full potential) we were able to run some respectable 1/8th mile times. Due to the nature of the Sainty motor we have struggled with finding power, however we have tamed the chassis and got it runnin straight and true.

Having never qualified for an ANDRA round, Slamfest was just the ticket we needed to show the world we aren’t complete idiots.

First event we ran the second quickest time for the weekend and finished runner up. We where quicker to half track but Matt Able drilled peter on the lights, and a loose track caused him to ease out of the throttle, handing Matt the win. Needless to say we were pumped!!! We were one of the quickest and probably most consistent clocking a couple of .9 60fters along the way.

We never really got it together at Calder Park. With Rob the tuner doin his back in on the trip down, a gearbox failure, shock absorber issues and a tyre puncture. Also the track had teeth and was more suited to the cars with big horsepower.

Our defining moment occurred in Portland Slamfest for Wishes 2011, down there all the teams struggled to get a handle on the track, but somehow we managed to pull something out of the bag. We top qualified, got low ET and took the new TD track record, and finished it off with a win. We left there leading the points for the year.

Due to a couple of rain outs we missed a couple of events and took the opportunity to retire the Statesman, and concentrate on our new car, one we have been building for over 3 years. We have moved the old combination over to the new car. We intend to test it and get it up to speed with a known combo, we need to run at least quicker than what the Statesman did before we race again. We will shed 200lb (fingers crossed) and be a lot closer to the minimum weight which should make us more competitive.

We can’t wait to run another Slamfest event, all the team have the best time visiting regional centres, and tearing up their strips. We will however need to miss a couple of events while we finish and test our new car.

(BTW the Statesman is for sale, a proven winner and a super competitive 1/8th mile  warrior. You could race Slamfest with us! contact us to find out how fasttorque(at)

History of the driver

Peter Blake (the driver formerly known as Peter Broadbent) raced karts in his teens, in his early to mid twenties raced 410 Sprintcars at Parramatta City Raceway, highlights (pole in the A feature race, and only the 3rd driver to go sub 12sec lap. Qualified for world of outlaws) Peter also raced his street bike GSXR 1000 ran 10.2s at street meets and bike only events.


Getting a race car prepared and to the track is probably the biggest achievement. We make every single thing for the car and do all the maintenance, nothing in our combo is standard so we are very proud to be able to get out there and mix it with the big boys.

As mentioned above;

BB/AP record 7.21

6.20 (I think is the quickest non hemi TD in AUS)

Top Quali, low ET and winner at Portland Slamfest 2011.

Constructing our new ride. A 1970 BOSS 429 Mustang. Peter designed and built the body (1 ½ years worth), and designed and manufactured the chassis and just about everything in it.

Let’s see what the future holds.

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  1. Cool website Pete… Nice work :-) X Jules.

  2. I have to say I’m happy to have walked through your doors Peter, I can tell you I didn’t think I was walking into a NASA lab until. Boooooom this wasn’t a normal garage, It soon hit me this was more than just a garage. It’s a pleasure to share a similar passion and can’t wait to get my car into your garage for some fast torque treatment.

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