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Final testing

Testing proved a little harder than expected, we are by no means done testing as you can see in the gallery. we had wheelie issues and tyre shake issues. i think we might have it sorted. Testing saw us real off some of our best short times. they equate out to some ok 1/4 mile times, but it is enough to make us happy for now. That said we have not yet put down a representative pass with a fresh clutch.

We will be putting the car on display at the Nitro Champs, where kids and families can have their photo taken in /or around the car. The Mustang is still in primer. however I think next time it hits the track it will be in colour!!!! Cant wait for that!!!!




Testing Gallery


a Little inspiration

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Every now and then you have to piece it all together. it re-invigorates you. and also gives me a chance to trial some siticker locations etc.