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A personal view of what it’s like in the driver’s seat.

Old Times

this is where it all began for me. how cool is dads old racer?

Paint- Dyne- Decal


The paint and airbrush is done, and looks awesome! we now have the engine being tuned up on Fast Torque Performance Engineering’s 4000hp Engine Dyno.

once we get the decals on we will be set to go race. another development is we will also compete in the ever popular 10.5 outlaw category, very exciting times ahead!


Mildura Slamfest 3

Just reflecting on what was probably the worst attempt at racing I think I have ever had.
We went to Mildura because we were hooking up too much at Sydney. I figured we would be able to get it up on the tire on the slick track, on each and every run we did just that, but only for about 0.5 of a second. Then things turned bad.

Run 1
Basicaly turned and shook the tyres. Probably a blessing because Peter kapiris looped it in the breaking area. Right in front of me, I thought he was going over for sure.

Run 2
Same again but during the shake it turned hard right. I didn’t cross the centre line but it was a bit of a wild run. against Frank Marmone

Run 3
Same again but this time I managed to get back on it to try and chase down a slowing Victor Bray I was sure I ran him down in the top end. But it wasn’t to be. We were both caught by suprise on the tree when both our cars went into full stage by accident. I managed to launch almost a second earlier than Vic.

This ended our racing for the night as that was the first round of eliminations. zap finished first ahead of Phillips clicking an awesome 3.98 along the way.
What’s next for team Racetech Steel? Paint, Suspension change and lots of testing, plus probably the most exciting news to hit alcohol racing in Aus in recent times. Check back in the next couple of weeks to learn more!

phase II update,

It has been a while since we completed our first race event here is how it went down.

Q1; The car left hard recording the most G’s we have ever seen. but the front wheels came up hard also, it carried the front wheels out past 60ft and then shook very hard. recording a 1.01 over the 60ft which is pretty stout!


so we made some changes to the four link and clutch. in my mind it was exactly the wrong way, but you have to start somewhere right!

Q2; once again the car left with the front wheels dangling. it shook once again but this time not so bad. I managed to pedal and run through for a 6.8 or something. the 60ft was 1.1 something , so a little disappointing.

Q3; we made some changes to the fuel delivery and dropped the wheelie bars quite a bit. this seemed to make all the difference, as i was able to keep it pegged from start to finish. recording a new best for the car a 6.50 @ 215mph, a little disappointing considering how well the car drives. just shows we aren’t making much power.


we had changed the cams significantly and where kind of hesitant to lean into it. that coupled with a dirty filter meant we had our work cut out for the weekend. we changed all the rod bearings between round 1-2 and checked the cam bearings between rounds 2-3, we didn’t find any evidence of any destruction. we didn’t check the mains because the are almost always OK. as it turns out after pulling the entire engine apart I found a damaged thrust bearing. turns out the clutch we had in the car was slightly different to the one that we measured the end clearance on. bugger it was an over sight but we expected the two to be the same. oh well!!

On to slamfest Midura to see if we can sort things out a little better. we have ran a couple of rough 4.2s over the eighth, so we wont be too far off the pace i think, as long as the pace doesn’t pick up to much.

Also i have some cool slow mo footage, when I get time I might upload them.

Testing Phase II

Testing Phase II

Its not every day you can say, ” I have designed and built my own Body, I have designed and build my own chassis, and I also manufactured my own engine”. Well for Peter Blake most of this is true, with a little help from a lot of guys, and his time at Sainty Engineering, its a fair call! All be it an extremely rare one and one Peter is extremely proud of.

“We are super happy with how the very first shake down tests went, they where relatively slow runs, but that was our intention. our half track times where only 2 10ths slower than where we need to be to be remotely competitive” says Peter.

Peter and his Racetech Steel team plan to further test their all new one of a kind 1970 Boss Mustang at Sydney Dragway’s, Top Doorslammer round this weekend, before heading to Mildura for  Slamfest round 4 over the Easter weekend!

“keep an eye on our short times, mainly 60ft, to 660ft this is where our focus is for this weekend. our combination and set up is well  suited to the half track and we will be pushing hard to try and dip into the 3s over the half track” says a hopeful and optimistic Blake.

The team From Kurrajong in Western Sydney say they have made some drastic changes to their engine in the cam department. “We believe this is where our power is hiding, now all we need to do is go find it! we will be crossing our fingers and hoping for a chance to be at least competitive, and possibly even make our first ever ANDRA Pro Series field”.