Race parts, and apparel for sale!!!

  • Statesman Doorslammer





This car is available, complete turn key (minus Motec computer, can replace for cost), roller, or anything in between. Includes body molds, (training and set up also available). price is a steal!!!


  • Sprint car & parts; 1 ready to race sprint car 2000 model maxim, 372 ci engine with spares inc new wings and tyres. 1 complete roller, never been raced never been painted.
  • wheels; new and used doorslammer rims.
  • Shock absorbers
  • steering rack;  1 new Stileto rack, 1 new Pinto rack, both suit sedan or race car
  • diff strange; 1 new strange nitro funnycar diff complete
  • diff housing;  
  • diff center
  • 4 speed lenco x 2
  • Leavers
  • Sainty engine x 1.5
  • Team Transporter
  • Clutches
  • key rings; Unique used spark plug made into a 200+ MPH key ring
  • Racetech Steel T shirt; $15.00+ postage and handling.
  • Hats
  • Mustang jacket
  • Souvenirs, including broken bits.]

In house Manufacturing and services

By Fast Torque Performance Engineering

  • Custom made CNC parts, machined in house
  • CAD/ CAM design
  • Cam Pro
  • Clutch Grinding
  • Shock Dyno
  • Digital Valve spring test
  • Computerized fuel flow bench
  • Crack testing
  • Surface finishing

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  1. Hi – We’d llike to contact you regarding the Sainty engine. Would it be possible to have a telephone number so that we could talk to you?

    Thanks – Kerry.

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