It costs a lot to go racing and it costs more to win. Our team has the facility, the machinery, the infrastructure, the car and the ability to go racing, what we lack is the financial support it takes to become the best.

Can you help take us there?

Current financial / product Partners:

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Fast Torque

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Interested in Advertising in motorsport?

Peter Blake offers advertising partnership agreements with his unique and up and coming team. A small one off, parts and consumables, product, or small financial sponsorship or go all out with a naming-rights Marketing partner.

Thinking outside the square.

If your business is not related to motor sport and you cannot find a link try these points and see if your business can benefit.

  • Staff rewards; corporate entertainment, or become part of the crew for the day/weekend.
  • Endorsements; we use a lot of products in day to day life, we all have our favourites let us endorse yours
  • Customer rewards; thank your customers with a day at the races, supporting your own branded car.
  • Hi performance Advertising; use the power of the power to get your product noticed.
  • Branded Merchandising; Tee’s, hats, key rings, posters

You name it the possibilities are endless!

We can tailor a package to suit your business. Please contact us if your interested in supporting Peter Blake and his 1970 boss Mustang Top Doorslammer.

Contact us to enquire about becoming a sponsor. Email Peter at